Invisalign Cost NYC

Invisalign Price NYC

Looking to get an estimate and/or price quote for your Invisalign treatment? If you live in, or near, New York City, then this process is going to be pretty simple. Click the button below to get a rough estimate of what this process will cost today!

NYC Invisalign Price Quote


Many patients interested in getting fitted for clear aligners are almost always going to ask about the price. This is where most dental staffs begin playing verbal gymnastics instead of answering the question. The truth is, Invisalign,

for those who are qualified to have them placed, are above, and beyond, superior to traditional tooth-straightening methods currently being used in the marketplace.

And whenever you have a better product, than you have to know that it is going to be priced at a much higher amount – plain and simple. And yes, you read that, we made sure to fit in the last sentence – you must be qualified to wear Invisalign. Some people have teeth so misaligned, that aligners will be unable to help them achieve the result they are after. This is why sitting down with a certified provider, before you decide to choose which one you want to do business with is so important. The dentists that are represented here on this site all offer free oral examinations to verify if Invisalign is truly the best fit for you.


Ok, so how much does Invisalign cost? On average, the price of Invisalign in New York City can run between $4,500 and $10,000. It all depends on which dentist you end up going with. Some dentists are “celebrity dentists,” which means their patient base is made up of Hollywood, or TV, celebrities. Other dentists are “cosmetic dentists,” with offices over-looking Central Park, in those instances, the price is going to be closer to $10,000 than $4,500; and when you realize that hundreds of actors live in New York, and dozens of offices are found in ritzy parts of the city, it becomes pretty difficult to find a dentist offering Affordable Invisalign in NYC.

On the other hand, there are many dentists who are serious about offering affordable treatment; and depending on what time of the year you catch them, may even offer Invisalign Specials, Invisalign Deals, and/or an Invisalign Discount.

With payment plans designed to work for almost any income, the certified Invisalign providers in NYC are serious about helping you create the kind of smile you could only dream about – until now that is.

There two ways you can request a quote:
1) Click the quote button to be sent to our instant price calculator, that will give you a “guess-timate” of what the treatment will cost.
2) Set an appointment, and have one of the specialists examine your teeth to find out what kind of treatment you will need. Afterward, the doctor will be able to provide you with a true quote.

Whichever you feel makes the most sense is what we suggest you go with. However, in our experience, the best option is having a customized quote; and that can only be done with an examination. When you schedule your examination, it’s 100% complimentary . . . that’s right, no charge for the appointment. There are two ways you can set up an appointment:
1) Call the number on the screen
2) Fill out the form, and one of our staff will contact you back immediately